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It was reported last week an oilfield rig exploded in West Texas killing three workers. The Upton County sheriff’s office said a well-servicing outfit was at the site when the explosion occurred Tuesday morning near Rankin, about 40 miles south of Midland. Officials did not release the names of those killed. Well owner Parsley Energy of […]

The NFL has had a number of interesting topics to investigate over the past few years. In every investigation, the overall question is: was an advantage or disadvantage gained?  In dealing with automotive wheels and tires, there are plenty of investigations you can do to keep from being at a disadvantage and plenty of signs that […]

Before heading out on the road this holiday season, be sure to inspect your vehicle and especially your vehicle wheels!  When wheels fail and separate from a vehicle, serious accidents and injury may result, or if the errant wheel strikes a person, another vehicle or other physical property, property damage, personal injury or even death may occur. Wheels […]

While we're discussing safety issues, it was recently discovered that some equipment manufacturers and sellers of split wheel rim equipment, 2 and 4 wheel carts, small go-carts, garden tractor wagons and other portable roll around equipment, having become aware of split rim wheel explosions, added a "fix" to their equipment. Their fix is a rather simple […]

Product Recalls are reported almost as an everyday occurrence in the news media.  Recalls have at least three sides, the good, the bad and the ugly! The Good side of recalls is, they usually occur after engineers and management are alerted by an unusual number of noteworthy accidents or product failures.  Failure statistics and tracking […]

Does your case involve broken metal? Need a metal expert? Metallurgical engineers, also known as metallurgists are highly qualified in this area of study.  Metallurgists can help you find the root cause of the accident, and can explain how metal reacts to stress.  Metallurgists understand metal, how it is developed and how metal fatigues, how metal is developed, metal design […]

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