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As stated in our newsletter we will be covering different aspects, factors, and results of fatigue over the next several weeks. Fatigue is a very common failure mode for metal. Although there are plenty of other modes for metal failure, fatigue can be commonly found in items that are used on a regular basis. For […]

J.E.I. Metallurgical, Inc. was called by a client who had purchased a cast iron skillet from a well-known cooking program. The client was excited to use her new skillet, placed it on the stove and lit the burner. Shortly thereafter, a “loud explosion” occurred and the handle rocketed past her head, barely missing her cheek.  This frightening […]

It is not uncommon for metallurgical engineers to be asked to participate in fire investigations; not necessarily at the fire scene, but after evidence is collected from the scene to assist fire investigators in determining the cause of the fire. Metallurgical engineers contribute to fire cases and investigations by specifically looking at metal components like arc beads, melted […]

It was reported last week an oilfield rig exploded in West Texas killing three workers. The Upton County sheriff’s office said a well-servicing outfit was at the site when the explosion occurred Tuesday morning near Rankin, about 40 miles south of Midland. Officials did not release the names of those killed. Well owner Parsley Energy of […]

The NFL has had a number of interesting topics to investigate over the past few years. In every investigation, the overall question is: was an advantage or disadvantage gained?  In dealing with automotive wheels and tires, there are plenty of investigations you can do to keep from being at a disadvantage and plenty of signs that […]

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