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Category: Wheel Failure

The NFL has had a number of interesting topics to investigate over the past few years. In every investigation, the overall question is: was an advantage or disadvantage gained?  In dealing with automotive wheels and tires, there are plenty of investigations you can do to keep from being at a disadvantage and plenty of signs that […]

Before heading out on the road this holiday season, be sure to inspect your vehicle and especially your vehicle wheels!  When wheels fail and separate from a vehicle, serious accidents and injury may result, or if the errant wheel strikes a person, another vehicle or other physical property, property damage, personal injury or even death may occur. Wheels […]

While we're discussing safety issues, it was recently discovered that some equipment manufacturers and sellers of split wheel rim equipment, 2 and 4 wheel carts, small go-carts, garden tractor wagons and other portable roll around equipment, having become aware of split rim wheel explosions, added a "fix" to their equipment. Their fix is a rather simple […]

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