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Construction Accidents

Metallurgical failures resulting in construction site accidents occur for a variety of reasons.  Since construction site accidents usually involve large machinery and equipment, overhead lifting, crane failure, gas and coolant lines, and the like; the results are often catastrophic.

Metallurgical failure analysis or a  root cause analysis is often required to determine why the accident happened. For more details about these construction site accidents, follow the links below to the metallurgical accident investigations related to construction accidents.


Forensic Investigations Involving Construction Accidents

Capshaw vs. Westinghouse Air Brake investigation of an earth-mover axle failure.

Report to Farmers Insurance investigation of broken lifting hook from oil field equipment.

Smedley vs. Waco of Oklahoma investigation of scaffolding system failure.

Overton Construction investigation of I-beam discontinuities.

Mitchell vs. Caterpillar consultant to defense attorney concerning failure of fasteners on a bulldozer seat.

Cabrera vs. Clyde Construction investigation of failed weld on construction equipment.

Garcia vs. Austin Bridge and Rickman Screw Anchor Co. investigation of bolt failure securing crane mast to crane transporter.

Slough vs. Eby Construction investigation of arcing and electrical contact of crane and high-voltage electrical line.

Josefina Vasquez vs. Austin Commercial, Inc. investigation of wire rope failure resulting in construction crane boom collapse.

Crane Wire Rope Failure investigation of construction crane wire rope failure.

Ritz Carlton Construction Project evaluation of possible corrosion damage as a result of Hurricane Ivan at Ritz Carlton construction site in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

Flippin vs. Crocker Crane investigation of failure of chain link in come-along which resulted in derrick sliding inside water tower under construction which then resulted in failure of derrick section attachment bolts.

Hawkins Construction Jackhammer Bit investigation of fatigue fracture of jackhammer bit.

Martinez vs. Granite Construction investigation for attorney of failed wires in bridge parapet.


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