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Stainless Steel Pool Step Railing Poles Corrosion and Concrete Staining

Corrosion staining from stainless steel swimming pool step railing poles was observed on the concrete decking supporting the stainless steel step poles. An overall view of the staining is shown in Photograph A

Overall View of Corroded Pole
Photograph A Concrete pool ladder support.

The stainless steel swimming pool step railing poles were removable and were set into a base cup receiver as shown in Photograph B.

Corrosion on inside of receiver cup.
Photograph B Corrosion on inside wall surface of receiving cup.

The stainless steel railing poles were chemically analyzed and were found to be type 304L stainless steel as prescribed in the construction specifications. The railing pole base receiving cups, shown in Photograph B, were solid cups without drainage capability. Chlorinated pool water, which washed into the receiver cups, remained and concentrated the chlorinated water. The bottom of the stainless steel ladder railing poles were subject to concentration cell corrosion and pitting attack of the stainless steel railing poles by chloride from the swimming pool water.

The rusty corrosion product and concentrated chloride pool water was forced up and around the receiver cup lip and stained the concrete decking.  Stainless steel in a chlorinated environment will most likely always result in corrosion.

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