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Forensic Investigations – Explosion Accidents

  • Malden Mils vs. Rhone-Poulene (JPB070), investigation for attorney for the defendant of pipe and boiler components in a textile mill fire.
  • Gonzales vs. Rosa’s Cafe (JOA050), investigation of explosion of cast aluminum pressure cooker.
  • Sherry vs. Wellmark & Natco (JLD120), investigation for attorney for defendant of failure of fitting on oilfield pressure vessel during hydro testing.
  • Fallwell vs. Norpan Corp. (JJJ200), consultant to attorney for defendant of flash fire burn through stainless steel pipeline in oxygen letdown station.
  • Hatto vs. NW Central Pipeline (JBG370), consultant to attorney for the defendant concerning front end loader penetration of high pressure gas transmission line and resulting explosion/fire.
  • Report to Hartford Insurance Group (1980-01001) concerning explosion during inflation of an aluminum automobile tire rim.
  • Hess Oil Virgin Island Corp. vs. Ward Industries Pipe Fabricating (1976-60603), consultant to attorney for the defendant concerning welded piping component failure in refinery explosion fire.
  • Consultant to attorney for the Lubbock City/County Health Department (J31024) concerning a water heater/boiler explosion
  • Star-Spencer Elementary School, Spencer, Okla., (J2O137), consultant to attorney for plaintiff of a boiler explosion at the school.

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