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Get a Handle On Your Cooking

Get a Handle On Your Cooking.

A large cooking pot, purchased from a well-known store, was being used in its recommended fashion. During a routine lifting of the pot, one of the handles failed and gave way, dumping scalding water onto the cook. A photograph of the subject and an identical exemplar pot can be seen in photograph labeled A.


Photograph A

Investigation found the presence of two cracks at the bend in the handle. The bend was fabricated when the pot was manufacturer. The high magnification view of the fractured handle on the subject pot can be seen in photograph labeled B.

E001--subject pot broken handle A 1

Photograph B

Shortly after the accident a new cooking pot was purchased at the same store. The new pot also contained cracking in the handle due to the bending required to fabricate the handle by the manufacturer. The new cook pot handle and a high magnification view of a crack in the handle can be seen in photograph labeled C and D


Photograph C

G031-attachment C subject 30x

Photograph D

After metallurgical and laboratory examination and engineering evaluation was made which determined the root cause of the pot handle failure was a manufacturing defect.

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