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How Can A Metallurgist Help Your Case?

Does your case involve broken metal? Need a metal expert? Metallurgical engineers, also known as metallurgists are highly qualified in this area of study.  Metallurgists can help you find the root cause of the accident, and can explain how metal reacts to stress.  Metallurgists understand metal, how it is developed and how metal fatigues, how metal is developed, metal design and manufacturing deficiencies and poor maintenance and abusive handling of metal components.  Metallurgists can read the metal, and tell you the type of failure, where and why it started, and sometimes, how long it took to fail.  

J.E.I. Metallurgical can help you find the true root cause of your metal failure. Physical examination, destructive and non-destructive testing or othertypes of metallurgical testing of a metal failure can be tangible documentation to help strengthen your case. These findings can be explained in a factual report or given as expert witness testimony.  Have you ever dealt with an accident involving metal? Have you ever needed help piecing the accident puzzle back together and determining the root cause?   

Broken Pipe

Broken Pipe

Stripped Threading

Stripped Threading

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