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Automobile Wheel Lug Nuts Accident


A Ford automobile was taken to a garage for a brake pad change.  When the rear wheel was replaced, the lug nuts which hold the wheel in place had been improperly tightened.  After one month of driving, the wheel came loose from the automobile and a one vehicle accident and personal injury resulted.

Failed Wheel.
Photograph A Wheel which separated from the axle in a vehicle accident.

Metallurgical failure analysis revealed that two of the five wheel lugs failed by metal fatigue.  The lug nuts from the three remaining wheel lugs totally backed off allowing separation of the wheel from the automobile. 

Axle plate and wheel studs.
Photograph B View of axle plate and wheel studs.

The automobile wheel rim lug holes were completely wallowed out from their round shape during the one month driving time.

Wheel stud hole in wheel rim.
Photograph C Close-up view of wallowed out wheel stud hole in wheel rim.

The automobile accident occurred as a result of the rear wheel lug nuts being improperly tightened, allowing the rear wheel and tire to come loose from the subject automobile.


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Updated 12/18/12