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Industrial Equipment Accidents

Maine Fire Truck Fitting (JSA010), investigation of brass high pressure fitting failure and fatality.

Malden Mils vs. Rhone-Poulene (JPB070), investigation for attorney for the defendant of pipe and boiler components in a textile mill fire.

Elias vs. Swanson Auto Repair (JMJ170), investigation for plaintiff attorney of automobile frame straightening machine lift (jack) failure.

Tradler vs. Pengo, C&L Aluminum Foundry, Inc. (JMI140), consultant to defendant’s attorney of failure of aluminum casting and insulator string.

City of Lubbock vs. Steam Specialties (JLL320), examination for defendant attorney of failure of thrust plate/thrust bearing.

Dallas Hermetic Air Conditioning Crank Shaft Failure (JKK240), consultant to air conditioner compressor rebuilders of fatigue failure of crankshaft.

Bryant vs. Purvis Bearing Services (JKB030), consultant to attorney for the defendant of failure of bearing in automated shelf-stocking equipment.

Ellsworth Motor Freight Hopper Lid (JIJ230), consultant to insurer of a truck line of failure of aluminum cast hopper lids on truck.

Gardner vs. Goodyear (JIJ210), consultant to attorney for the plaintiff concerning a vehicle falling from an elevated hydraulic automotive rack.

Fisher Controls vs. Kanebridge Corp/Bolt & Nut (JGF140), evaluation for the attorney of the defendant of fastener for hydrogen embrittlement.

Eby Construction vs. Reddy Buffalo Pump (JGA020), consultant to attorney for the plaintiff concerning evaluation of deformation in a pump shaft.

ANR Pipeline vs. Okemah Construction (JDA410), consultant to insurer of the defendant on physical damage to a pipeline.

Dickson Industries, Inc. (1981-J11232), chemical analysis of an abrasion resistant cast iron.

Report to CMI Corp. (1981-10128) concerning sprocket and shaft material analysis.

Metalsource Corp. vs. Dallas International Bank vs. Land-Air, Inc. & Gus Bowman (1978-80313), consultant to attorney for plaintiff concerning evaluation of steel bomb lug forging defects.

Marting Sprocket and McDonald vs. Gear (1973), consultant to attorney for defendant concerning evaluation of gear failure.

Consultant to U.S. Army Corp. of Engineers (88I22I) concerning failure and testing of welded stainless steel pipeline.

Kennecott Metals vs. Teton Exploration & Drilling (J41127), consultant to attorney for the defendant of welding defects in large hole mine shaft.

Consultant to attorney for the Lubbock City/County Health Department (J31024) concerning a water heater/boiler explosion.

Richard Hall vs. Ashland Oil Company (J30516), consultant to attorney for defendant, about failure of a pipeline used to transmit chlorine gas.

Report (J21136) to Nolan Systems, Inc. concerning 5/8-inch diameter hardened shaft failure.

Furrs vs. Interlake Crane (J2O652), consultant to attorney for the plaintiff concerning evaluation of a bronze gear failure.

Star-Spencer Elementary School,  Spencer, Okla., (J2O137), consultant to attorney for plaintiff of a boiler explosion at the school.

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