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Office Chair Failure After Re-welding

Metallurgical failure analysis was necessitated as result of an office chair failure. Visual and metallurgical examination revealed cracks in the office chair base. Visual inspection revealed that the office chair had been previously cracked and the previously cracked weld had been merely re-welded. Re-welding without removing the initial cracked metal is a very poor repair practice. The re-weld base of the office chair is shown in Photograph B.

office chair
Photograph A Overall view of the subject office chair.
Close-up view of failed office chair after reweld
Photograph B Underside of the re-welded office chair.

After additional usage of the repaired office chair, the weld repair also failed. Normally re-welding of a metallurgical failure  will melt the original cracked metal and will make any meaningful metallurgical failure analysis of the original failure impossible. However, if the re-weld also fails, the possibility exists that significant metallurgical fracture evidence from the original cracking failure event might be uncovered if the cracked weld is opened and evaluated. Metallurgical failure analysis and design evaluation were conducted. However, in this matter, analysis of the failed office chair was concluded without metallurgical or weld testing.

Close-up up view of failed office chair base after reweld
Photograph C Center line weld crack in re-welded office chair base.
re-welded office chair
Photograph D Cracking in re-welded office chair base.

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