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Listings of J.E.I. Oil Field Accident Investigations

Genesis Crude Oil Pipeline, failure of crude oil pipeline.

Richard A. McDonald vs. Oilfield Pro Log Services Inc., evaluation of oil well metal and tool samples.

Kirby vs. Patterson Energy, investigation of oilfield drilling rig collapse.

Sherry vs. Wellmark & Natco, fitting failure on oil field pressure vessel during hydro testing.

Fuentes & Seigiera vs. McGuire Industries, failure of oil field equipment.

Doyon Drilling Sling Failure, failure of an oilfield tubular goods lifting sling.

Delacerda va. McKissic-Crosby Group, Inc., oil field drilling rig door casting failure which resulted in head injury.

Mapco vs. Flint, failure of a welded ammonia pipeline.

Oxley vs. Picoma Industries, failure of oilfield casing couplings.

Stephenson/Taylor Estate vs. RHS, failure of oil field hydraulic pulling jack.

Patterson vs. Maintain, Inc., failure of welded oilfield truck trailer hitch.

Investigation and report for K.O. Steel Casting concerning a hammer union failure.

Evaluation of a slow speed shaft failure for the manufacturer of oil well pumps.

Thanh vs. Tuthill, failure of a high pressure fitting.

Hatto vs. NW Central Pipeline, penetration of front end loader high pressure gas transmission line and resulting explosion/fire.

Helmerich & Payne, analysis of 5-1/4 inch diameter keyed shaft failure.

Pride Oilfield Services, Inc., investigation and report concerning the collapse of drilling rig.

Research for Mapco, Inc., review of design and materials for hydrofluoric acid pressure vessel.

Research and report concerning analysis of babbitt bearing failures occurring at a gas processing plant.

M. Lewis vs. Transok Pipeline, explosion of 6 inch bolted cover of an oil and gas pipeline valve.

Mustang Fuel vs. Youngstown Sheet and Tube, gas pipeline explosion.

Mills vs. Crane Carrier Corp., evaluation of an oilfield drilling mast collapse.

Loomis vs. American Hoist & Derrick, evaluation of oilfield rat hole rig brake failure.

Bird Oil Equity of OK Ltd. vs. Richard Long, evaluation of gas pipeline corrosion.

Fields vs. American Hoist & Derrick, evaluation of oilfield drilling derrick collapse.

Aminoil-Lucian Pipeline, evaluation of a PVC plastic pipeline failure and explosion.

Research and report discussing evaluation of high pressure mud system oil field fittings.

Filson vs. Phillips Petroleum Co., evaluation of gas pipeline corrosion.

Hess Oil Virgin Island Corp. vs. Ward Industries Pipe Fabricating, welded piping component failure in refinery explosion fire.

Research and report for Chevron Oil Co. concerning evaluation of a drill pipe failure.

Research and report for Farmer's Insurance concerning evaluation of broken lifting hook from oilfield equipment.

Research and report for Kerr-McGee concerning evaluation of failed pipe in oil collecting system.

Lamb vs. Acme Tool, failure of down-hole oil well equipment.

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