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Pickup Rollover Accident

The right rear wheel of a pickup was found nearby the vehicle after a rollover accident. The mag wheel failed in the spokes and welded spoke attachment feet. Two other mag wheels on the subject pickup were also observed to be fractured.

Pickup truck from an accident
Photograph A Subject pickup involved in a one vehicle rollover accident.

The rollover accident occurred in the early evening. The weather was clear and the roadway was dry and straight. The welds attaching the spokes to the wheel rim visually appeared less than adequate. However, failure did not initiate nor propagate through the spoke attachment welds. It was determined that the fracture of the axle and loss of the mag wheel on the subject truck were caused by the rollover accident.

Mag wheel with broken wheel rim spokes.
Photograph B Mag wheel with broken wheel rim spokes.

Thus, the deficient welding design and welding defects present in the subject mag wheel were not the cause of this rollover accident. Examination of skid marks and the lack of roadway gouges precluded the accident being the result of wheel rim failure. Axle failure and wheel loss were the result of forces experienced during the rollover, rather than wheel loss causing the truck to rollover.

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