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Qualifications of R. Craig Jerner, Ph.D., P.E.

R. Craig Jerner, Ph.D., P.E.

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Ph.D., Metallurgy, 1965
University of Denver – Denver, Colorado

M.S., Metallurgical Engineering, 1962
Washington University – St. Louis, Missouri

B.S., Metallurgical Engineering, 1961
Washington University – St. Louis, Missouri


Professional Engineer (PE) licensed in the states of Texas and Oklahoma.

Expert Witness

Qualified and testified in engineering, simple mechanical design, metallurgy, metallurgical failure analysis and accident investigation in Federal and State courts.

Metallurgical Consultant

For over 46 years, Dr. Jerner has conducted approximately 1,600 accident investigations and related metallurgical failure analysis involving analysis of design, materials/methods of manufacturing, maintenance, use and abuse of metal products and equipment and machinery components.

Current Research Activities

Failure analysis of metallurgical and mechanical systems based on metallurgical evidence, analysis and synthesis. Environmental effects related to material degradation and failure in metallic and non-metallic materials. Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) as applied to microfractography, surface chemical analysis, crack life prediction, and material characterization. Materials evaluation, selection, and improvement as applied to industrial processes and consumer products.


  • Tenured professor in the School of Chemical Engineering and Material Science at the University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma.
  • Taught undergraduate and graduate corses for 11 years.
  • Served as Assistant Professor of Metallurgical Engineering.
  • Associate Professor of Engineering.
  • Associate Professor of Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science.
  • Adjunct Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science.
  • Taught practicing engineers at the Oklahoma Center for Continuing Education.
  • Taught Accident Investigation and Metallurgical Failure Analysis at the United States Department of Transportation and Transportation Safety Institute, and the U.S. Coast Guard.


  • Assistant Dean of the Graduate College at the University of Oklahoma.
  • President and CEO of four (4) metallurgical and metallurgical engineering consulting organizations:

    • Southwest Metallurgical Consultants, Inc.
    • Engineering and Materials Technology, Inc. dba EMTEC Corp.
    • Jerner Engineering, Inc.
    • J.E.I. Metallurgical, Inc.

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