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Shipboard Chair Collapse II

A shipboard chair failed and a dock worker suffered severe injuries when the chair collapsed.

Photograph 1 Subject chair and failed chair leg.

Visual examination revealed a very poor re-weld of the left front chair leg which resulted in the failure.

Visual examination of the subject chair also revealed that the right rear chair leg had previously failed and had also been repaired.

Photograph 2 tilted alignment of the right rear.

It is apparent in Photograph 2, that the vertical orientation of the right rear leg was significantly different than the vertical orientation of the as manufactured left rear chair leg. An overall view of the right rear chair leg is shown in Photograph 3.

Photograph 3 Distant view of right rear re-welded chair seat frame to leg joint.

Photograph 4 Re-welded right rear weld joint.

Photograph 5 Right rear leg re-weld areas of surface grinding.

The conclusion and opinions developed from this stage of the examination were:

Right rear leg was improperly prepared for re-welding. That is, the original chrome plate was not removed from the tubular leg prior to re-welding.

The right rear leg was not properly aligned (vertical) prior to re-welding. That is, the leg was re-welded in the almost straight alignment.

A heavy, battered re-weld was placed on the joint which covered underlying porosity. Blowholes and other joint preparation deficiencies were visually evident.

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