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Steel Roof Hail Damage

Does your homeowner insurance cover steel roof replacement?

Photos of hail damage on a Galvalume steel roof. For size reference, the sample boxes are approximately three-inches along each side.


Spring across the United States, but especially in Texas and Oklahoma brings severe weather, tornadoes and HAIL. J.E.I. Metallurgical was involved in examining and testing galvalume roofing that had been exposed to Texas-sized 6- 8 inch hail stones.

We heard the rumor claims for hail damage were being reduced or ruled as not covered.

I remember when steel, which is actually galvalume plated on steel, roofing materials became available and publicized as "lifetime hail-proof” and had 50-year warranties. If I remember correctly my homeowners insurance carrier even gave a discount for having a steel roof. My insurance agent has answered my questions about present and especially future hail damage with the fact that exclusions are in the wind! So, for those who have steel “lifetime 50-year roofs” be aware that your present and/or future homeowners insurance policy may exclude or greatly limit hail damage coverage. What roof damage is covered today and what will be covered tomorrow are valid questions!

If you are considering a steel roof, I would double check and determine if full hail damage coverage is available from your homeowners insurer and ask about the future availability of hail and steel roof coverage.  For additional information about the metallurgical investigation of this steel roof, go to

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