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Warning of Split Rim Wheel Explosions

While we're discussing safety issues, it was recently discovered that some equipment manufacturers and sellers of split wheel rim equipment, 2 and 4 wheel carts, small go-carts, garden tractor wagons and other portable roll around equipment, having become aware of split rim wheel explosions, added a "fix" to their equipment. Their fix is a rather simple written warning in their materials.

The manufacturer's warning states that the inflation of these small split wheel rim tires should be done with a hand bicycle pump.  The problem with airing up these split rims at the service station and/or with you own air compressor is that these tires or tubes have a very small volume and reach the recommended 30 psi very quickly and can easily be overfilled.  Thus, they recommend inflating the tires using a small hand held bicycle pump.

This makes sense, although this "fix” has some obvious holes.

  1. Would a normal equipment owner or users take the time to fill up a tire with a bicycle pump, especially if  they have access to an air compressor?
  2. Does the owner or operator even own a bicycle pump?
  3. Would it not be easier to go to a service station to air up the small tire?

Another problem is that the people who bought these pieces of equipment prior to the placement of the warning in the manufacturer's materials have not been notified of this new recommendation.  This is not handled in the same manner as a large recall such as the automobile recalls or notifications. So how should manufacturer's notify owners of safety changes?

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